About Us

Our home base began in August 2000.
After watching a challenging video “Viva Christa Rey”.
After gathering a small team of 12.
After praying together.
After Some research.
After listening to people working in the private finance & loans sector & debt collecting agencies.
After receiving God’s word in Isaiah 58:6-12 : The Chosen Fast “We will be known as the people who rebuild broken walls and restore houses in ruins”

Our name is not from the soft drink or the dance but from the fact that our old church hall (now our warehouse) was painted a ridiculous colour of orange/terracotta and the locals called it the TANGO shed.

TANGO now means Together As Neighbours Giving Out

Our Aims

  • Help me to help others to help themselves.
  • To provide resources for the rebuilding of individual and family life.
  • To show that other people do care and you are not alone, if nothing else that there’s an ear and shoulder available.

TANGO in itself is not the thing, God’s love is the thing. Over these last 18 years we have found that his shovel is a great deal bigger than ours. He gives to us (from all over the place, and we sometimes can’t fathom it out) so we can give away to others.

Gathered times

Each day before we begin, fifteen minutes are spent together,to communicate everything important and for the staff and volunteers to interact together. We use creative ways to bring our “God Slot”, quite a lot of our staff and volunteers take part and bring their own personalities to this important time. Some customers come too!

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