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  1. Darren Wood says:

    I have just moved out of the Salvation Army in St Helens, and Mo from Salisbury House placed a order for me, of a wardrobe, draws, bed / bedside cabinet. It was ordered on 1/8/17,just wondering have they come in the warehouse, as I am sleeping on the floor at my new address. Thank you.

    • Office says:

      Hi Darren,

      I did send you and email regarding vouchers either from Helena or St Helens Council. Did you apply for one? We have not heard anything from Mo – is she your Social Worker. She needs to send us an email if she is.

  2. Jill Davies says:

    Hi could u tell me if u have any tall freezers in at moment as desperate mine broke about 2 weeks ago and lost over £100 worth of food and rough price you charge one of disability centres said to get in contact with you as struggling to get one and u may have one only problem is have no way of getting down to you unless there is a bus that goes anywhere near from St. Helens maybe able to get down with the help of my son if not having to bad a day and can manage with walker instead of mobility scooter Thanks Jill

    • Office says:

      Hi Jill
      all we have in at the moment is a fridge freezer and the freezer compartment is quite small. It is £35. All our goods are second hand and our white goods are extremely popular and don’t hang around for too long. They are priced depending on condition but I would say that that is an average price. Several busses do come past quite close to us from St Helens. Our warehouse is open 10am till 4pm Tuesday till Friday, but we are closed next week for our Summer Break. You could try ringing our warehouse first on 01744 607388 and they can let you know what we have in stock and prices. We are unable to reserve items and work on a first come first serve basis.

  3. Peter says:


    I have a side board, three drawers, three cupboards. It’s pine furniture. Is it of use. I can send a photo if you like?

    • Office says:

      Hi Peter

      sorry for the late reply but I have been on holiday. If you would still like to donate your items please ring our warehouse on 01744 607388 between 10am and 4pm Tuesday to Friday and they can arrange collection for you. Thank you for thinking of us.

  4. Claire cross says:

    I have two sofas for collection

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